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Non-Document Custom Clearance at Qatar
Please note that all Non-Document shipments to Qatar addressed commercially are undergoing significant clearance delay due to new customs procedure being implemented. Consignee must provide import license copy for any commercial shipment. Secondly, we have to prepare BAYAN [Customs Declaration] for each shipment and present to customs for clearance. Customs duty and legalization fee is applicable for ANY commercial and non-commercial shipments in to Qatar irrespective of the declared value of the shipment. Minimum legalization fee is USD 69 per shipment + USD 3 for BAYAN (Import Bill) + USD 7 Admin fee + Customs duty (5% of the shipment value).
Custom Clearance Guide Lines for UK

All goods imported into the UK from outside the EU are declared to HM Revenue & Customs and in most cases, subject to Customs duty & VAT. This includes goods bought over the Internet as well.

Most goods arriving in the UK from outside the EU are liable to any or all of the following taxes:

  • Customs duty
  • Excise duty
  • Import VAT

And must be paid whether:

  • You purchase the goods or receive them as a gift
  • The goods are new or used
  • The goods are for your private use or for re-sale
All consignments into UK with value accessed at more than GBP 15 are subject to Customs Duty and VAT. While the Percentage of Custom Duties may vary depending upon the commodity, VAT remains constant at 20 %. 
Herbs and medicines – Saudi Arabia (SFDA Warns about Purchasing Drugs)

Saudi FDA warns the public from purchasing drugs, health and herbal products via the internet and not to be deceived by misleading promotions on some websites that sell drugs, health and herbal products of unknown origin and that are not registered by SFDA. Such drugs and products could be highly dangerous as their manufacturing conditions or pharmaceutical contents are unknown, besides, no quality assurance and efficacy measures exist. Moreover, the majority of such products are mixed with other falsified materials or do not contain effective material.

Using such drugs and products may worsen patients' conditions and lead to death. SFDA emphasised in a statement to the media that such websites will be tracked through its inspectors and any entity marketing such products in the Kingdom will be closely monitored. SFDA further warns anyone who participates in promotion of these suspected drugs and products via the internet or mobile phones within the Kingdom will be subject to official investigation.

However, shall not release any shipment containing any drugs, health or herbal product to the Kingdom via couriers unless prior approval is obtained from SFDA according to the conditions and requirements of import and clearance of drugs and medical products provided on SFDA website. For further information about the hazards of these drugs and products please visit SFDA website at: www.sfda.gov.sa

Fuel Surcharge

Due to inconsistent fluctuations in Fuel Prices, Dreamco Express applies Index-Based Fuel Surcharge on all shipments for a fairer and transparent charging mechanism.
Currently the Fuel Surcharge is fixed at 20%.

Shipments under Freight Collect Mode

Please note that all shipments sent on Collect (CC / COD) basis will require separate undertaking specifically stating that the Freight Amount will be debited to the shipper if consignee fails to pay the same. Undertaking furnished must be on Company Letter head duly stamped and signed.

Dreamco Express’ Dhaka Sort Facility

Dreamco Express’ Sort facility at Dhaka would be moving to a bigger location by the end of this year to cater to the fast growing Express Market more efficiently.