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Shipping Guidelines

When you're scheduling on shipping anything with a courier company, you have to realize the fact that you can't just throw everything in a box, squiggle the address on the cover and expect that it will get to its destination the way you handed it over to the courier. Every courier company has their own set of guidelines as to how packages need to be prepared for shipping that one should always follow. When these guidelines are not followed, it not only creates problems for the courier, but it can end up costing you money as well.

Unless, it is an additional service or explicitly mentioned otherwise, Packaging is the sole responsibility of the shipper. In case you are not sure of the packaging we recommend that you get your package insured. Insurance however has to be selected at the time of booking the package. If an insured package is damaged because it got wet or dropped, you will be compensated for your loss. However, poor packaging could increase the rate of damaged goods. That is why we are very careful to make sure that all packages are packed correctly. In fact, our drivers have long standing instructions not to take possession of a package that is not properly packaged.

In order to avoid delays or damages while shipping following packaging guide lines are very important to follow Guidelines for Good Packaging.
By following these steps designed by our research team time you can make sure your package arrives safe, sound and time.

  • Use a defect-free Carton for packaging. Defects include punctures, tears, rips or corner damage, each of which reduces the carton's structural integrity.
  • Address Labels should be pasted on both sides of the package. Another label should be placed inside the package as well just in case the outer labels get damaged or unreadable in transit.
  • Remove all Labels, Markings of previous shipments especially hazardous material indicators etc that may no longer be applicable.
  • International shipping may require packages to be re-opened both at destination and origin customs. Make sure the packaging is in such a way that is easier to be re-packed in case of customs inspection.
  • The goods must not be able to move around inside the packaging. This can damage both the inner contents and the exterior packaging resulting in loss of shipment contents in transit.
  • If different products are packed, the packaging should be suitable for the most fragile product.
  • Wherever possible, try your level best not to exceed 30 Kg weight bracket per carton. It is always better to split the shipment in separate cartons in case the weight is more than 30 Kg
  • Carton Strength should be adequate for weight of contents (Refer to the box makers certificate stamp).
  • Strings or ropes are not acceptable, seal the package securely with proper 2” masking tape.
  • A shipment consisting of more than one package or piece must have each package or piece individually numbered. E.g. if a shipment consists of three pieces, for example, the packages would be marked as being 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items are (But NOT limited to) as below;

  • Cash
  • Firearms
  • Dangerous Goods by Air
  • Any shipment that is prohibited by law or regulations of any federal, provincial, state, or local government in an origin or destination country
  • Animals (Dead or Alive)
  • Antiques
  • Bullion
  • Fine Arts
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Human Remains
  • Negotiables – (ie..bonds, currency, stocks, etc..)
  • Perishables
  • Plants & Flowers
  • Pornography
  • Precious Metals
  • Any shipment that could cause damage or delay to equipment, personnel or other shipments as determined by Dreamco Express
  • Any shipment deemed against Pakistan or ISLAM in any way

NOTE: If any item(s) mentioned in the list is/are shipped in error, Dreamco Express accepts no liability for damages or shortages reported in transit at time of delivery or beyond.